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We have authentic hand signed autographs and collectibles.

Many of the greatest moments in history have been commemorated with autographs. Autographs add an air of authenticity to documents. It’s a connection to the past. Owning a piece of that history is many peoples’ dream. Treasures in Writing is one of the industry’s leaders in rare autographs, historic documents and memorabilia.

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It’s time to get the autographs and memorabilia you’ve always wanted. You can add to your collection, acquire a new piece, or find the perfect gift. We welcome you to browse through our treasures. If you can’t find what you are looking for in our inventory, please email or give us a call!

How to determine the value of an autograph

Signed historical documents make great investments. Collecting autographs can be a great way to feel closer to somebody you admire or have a personal memento of your favorite person. It can connect you to the past and present. Although an autograph is technically just a signature on a piece of paper, such an item can be very valuable.

The first thing to do is learn about your item. Who signed you item? Did you receive it from the signer themselves or did you receive it from another person? If you acquired if from someone other than the signer, the seller should have that information. Doing your research online is the starting point in recognizing its value

Like most items, supply and demand are the driving factors in establishing what your item is worth. Autographs that are rarer in the market have a higher value.

Autograph condition is crucial in determining the value of your object. What kind of shape is it in? Rips, tears and fading will all hinder an item’s worth. The better the shape, the higher the significance of the piece. Paper type, ink and age are also key factors. There are other things that come into play when valuing an item, but this gives a basic understanding.

Autographs possess sentimental, historical, and monetary value. Navigating this world can be tricky. Treasures in Writing makes this process easy. Lynne Keys has many years’ experience in the field, so rest assured your autographed document is authentic and valued properly.  

History of Autographs

Autograph is a Greek word meaning “written in one’s own hand”. It refers to a person’s signature and the term is used for the practice of collecting autographs from important person.

In the past, signatures were reserved for the ruling class. They had they power to send armies into battle or sign a death warrant for a convict. Unfortunately, no ancient autographs have been found.

Collecting autographs became popular again in the Renaissance.  It was from this period that we date the beginnings of the desires for collecting autographs of significant men and women. Literacy rates increased and poetry became popular. Inscriptions were a popular way to signify the work of the author. These marks were also used to display wealth and status to their peers.

In the 19th century auction houses started to pop up. A trade in autographs became popular. Today, a large number of autographs are sold each year valuing in the millions.  

Human beings have always been collectors. Collecting signatures allows us to feel connected to something bigger than ourselves. It is almost like collecting a moment in time to preserve a special memory. If can be seen as an enjoyable pastime or a way to make a living. It is a hobby that all generations, nationalities, races and ages can enjoy. They excitement you experience when you get your first autograph can catapult your desire to collect more. Autograph collecting brings joy and is sure to be around for years to come.


There are countless pieces of memorabilia that have shaped the course of history. Memorabilia can include autographs, journals, manuscripts, letters, diaries, speeches, photographs, medals and other historically significant documents along with objects associated with famous people or events. Their value is based on historical significance, item condition and how much the piece is in demand.  

Historical memorabilia are popular among collectors.  Campaign signs, buttons and other collectibles can keep high value among fans of presidents. Iconic presidents like Lincoln and Kennedy have great resale value and their items can sell for a high dollar amount.

Books are another area of interest. First edition books signed by authors do very well on the marketplace. First editions and rare books require special care. Books in good condition, especially with dust jackets intact, are highly sought after.

Documents encompass all manner of printed and handwritten forms, from deeds and birth certificates to licenses and passports. If those pieces of paper contain signatures it could bring interest of autograph collectors.

Almost everyone has a collection of personal memorabilia that has some emotional meaning tied to it. Old photos, flowers, ribbons, cards, etc. bring back happy memories of lost people and past times.

Every collection of objects has a unique story. Individuals collect these objects for a variety of reasons. Some are after the thrill of the chase while others take pleasure in the process of assembling their collections. Collecting has been happening for centuries and many claim it’s one of the most enjoyable and rewarding hobbies they have.

Authentication Services

Authentication is the process of determining whether something is in fact what someone says it is. It is available for many items. Authentication can be used to certify the validity of a signature on a document or an item or used to verify a piece is genuine and not a reproduction or fake. Knowing what you have and the age of the item is the first step in the authentication process.

We authenticate autographed material in all fields for collectors, dealers, government agencies, public and private institutions, and auction houses.  A signed Certificate of Authenticity will be issued for each item submitted. 

Our policy is to offer a standard price for any and all authentications. When numerous items are involved, a group discount will be offered. Return of items is expeditious. We do not want to hold your precious material longer than necessary. If you are interested in our authentication services, please   at Lynne@tresuresinwriting.com.